[fpc-pascal] Re: ++ and -- ( and +=, -=, ...)

Guillermo Martínez gmartinez at burdjia.com
Thu Aug 1 16:22:49 CEST 2013

Hi felow pascaloids,

I know I'm out the discussion, but I don't understand why Pascal should
include stuff from other languages that doesn't fit the "spirit"
of Pascal, as readability (and no, "++" isn't more readable). I mean,
if you like a structure, syntax or behavior from C, then use C. I do it
sometimes; for example when I should do something low-level I feel
myself more comfortable using C than Pascal.  Of course, the language
should evolve, and it did with Objects and Classes, and later with
Generics and For-In loops (I don't like this latest addition but only
because I had a lot of bad experiences when I programmed in C++) but I
think FPC cannot admit anything just because another language has it.

These are my two cents.

Guillermo "Ñuño" Martínez.

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