[fpc-pascal] socket timeout

Victor Campillo victor.campillo at gmail.com
Tue Apr 16 12:34:48 CEST 2013

On 16/04/13 11:26, Xiangrong Fang wrote:
> Hi there,
> How can I set the connection and read/write timeout when using socket 
> in free pascal?  I like the way it works now (blocking, NOT async), 
> but the timeout is a bit too long.
> BTW, I hope the way to control timeout is withing the program and 
> platform independent (instead of, e.g. set sysctrl under linux).
> Thanks a lot.


As you, when I work with sockets I like the blocking mode but the 
timeout of connect was a headache for me.

I use fpsetsockopt with the options SO_SNDTIMEO and SO_RCVTIMEO for the 
read/write timeout.

With connect I don't found an easy way to use my own timeout, so I made 
a little hack in this situation. At the same time that I call connect I 
start a new thread for registering the time pass, if the timeout is 
passed then close/shutdown the socket, this unblock the connect. In case 
that the connection was succesful then I terminate the parallel thread 
before it close the socket.

I don't like what I do for the timeout of connect but it's works, maybe 
this thread throw light in this issue and I can find a better way.

Best regards.

Victor Campillo

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