[fpc-pascal] Re: FBLib (firebird library for FPC, Delphi and Kylix) has moved

Martin Schreiber mse00000 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 8 08:49:58 CEST 2013

On Monday 08 April 2013 08:42:35 Reinier Olislagers wrote:
> On 8-4-2013 8:25, Martin Schreiber wrote:
> > On Sunday 07 April 2013 04:10:18 reinierolislagers at gmail.com wrote:
> >> I'd recommend Graeme's version as well - for one it has increased BLOB
> >> writing speed due to a fix that also went into sqldb (but AFAIK not into
> >> msegui).
> >
> > Do you refer to the segment size? MSEgui uses $4000 by default. The
> > advantage of using isc_info_blob_max_segment() is that for small blobs
> > the allocated buffer memory is minimal. Probably not very important.
> Yes, I'm talking about segment size. When I looked at the mse code (a
> while ago) and contacted you with about it, it seems like you were using
> the same miniscule segment size as FPC did. Now FPC uses 65535, which
> speeds up blob operations significantly.
Then I'll change $4000 -> $ffff. Thanks for the hint.


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