[fpc-pascal] SDL 2.0 Test, Need Advice

Anthony Walter sysrpl at gmail.com
Mon Apr 8 01:37:30 CEST 2013

SDL 2.0 was locked down Friday in preparation for release in May, and I
have been working this weekend on converting the SDL 2 headers to Free
Pascal. In addition I have been writing a OpenGL which creates stubs for
loading the correct OpenGL library and loading the OpenGL core functions
and extensions for every platform.

So far things the basic things are working and I can cross compile an
OpenGL application for Linux32 and Win32 from my Linux desktop. However I
have a few problems which I am hoping someone on this list can help me with.


1) On Linux can build an i386-linux SDL2 application but I cannot cannot
run or debug my test applications from the IDE. When I try to run from
within the IDE nothing seems to happen. When I open a terminal I can and
run my test application runs just fine.

2) I cannot compile a i386-win32 SDL2 application on Linux using the SDL2
static libraries (define static in CrossSDL2.pas which should be reference
i386-win32/libSDL2.a) for Windows. I get a bunch of errors similar to this:

  test.lpr(79,1) Error: Undefined symbol:
  test.lpr(79,1) Error: Undefined symbol:

3) On windows when I run my test sdl app (I must use libSDL2.dll due to
problem 2 above) from a cmd prompt I get no SDL window and access
violations at termination, but when I run my test applcation using "start
my-test-i386-win32.exe" or double clicking in windows explorer it runs jsut

Here is a link to my sources including SDL2 static and dynamic library
binaries for Linux32 and Win32. My sources are in a 'draft' state and
likely to change drastically in future revisions:

As a side note, if anyone wants to compile SDL2 libaries for Windows or
Linux themselves and needs help I can send your the steps I used to builds
SDL2 from the latest mercurial version.
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