[fpc-pascal] newbie question: using fpc in linux

duilio foschi duiliofoschi at euplan.com
Wed Apr 3 16:50:07 CEST 2013

thanks to your suggestions, I could compile and successfully test the
'hello world' code that comes with the brook framework.

Now I am ready to wet my feet in the world of web programming.

In my company we have a few dedicated (remote) servers running linux.

And (when I will be able to get real applications) these applications will
run on these remote servers.

In my company, linux is not used on local PCs... but it would not be hard
to get a local linux box if needed.

Using 'nano' editor from a Bitwise XTerm (as I do now) does not look the
most productive environment.

Which tools (editors, GUIs) do you use when programming in Linux ?

I guess you all use a local linux box, right ?

Thank you
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