[fpc-pascal] Re: Design Patterns Questions

Graeme Geldenhuys graeme at geldenhuys.co.uk
Sun Oct 28 20:05:32 CET 2012

On 28/10/2012 16:42, bsquared wrote:
>> Graeme Geldenhuys actively maintains tiOPF version 2.

Yeah, his always hard at work. ;-)

>> It works
>> definitely with Lazars 1.0.2, I use it myself.


> Thank you for responding.  I thought I recalled a stipulation for
> version 3.  I noticed it had an Compilers/FPC folder, so I hoped it was
> compatible.

tiOPF3 was forked from tiOPF2 a few years back, so the directory 
structures are identical. We left the Compilers/FPC directory in tiOPF3, 
but not expecting FPC to take so long to catch up to Delphi languages 

> Having trouble getting V2 demos to work.  Have to keep at it.

Which demos have you tried? I'm reworking and reorganizing the Demos 
directory as we speak. You should try the Demos/LCL/ directory if you 
use LCL toolkit, or Demos/fpGUI/ if you use the fpGUI toolkit. I haven't 
ported all the VCL demos to LCL or fpGUI yet, but the code is near 
identical. So even though you can't run the VCL demos, you can still 
look at them and learn from the code. If still lost, pop in at 
tiopf.support newsgroup and I'll help where I can.

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   - Graeme -

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