[fpc-pascal] bunxh.inc(24, 52) Fatal: Syntax error, ":" expected but "identifier NSET" found

Bernd prof7bit at gmail.com
Sat Oct 6 19:43:00 CEST 2012

I'm trying to build current 2.6.1 on Ubuntu Precise with
build-dependency fpc-2.4.4 (because there exist no later version of
fpc in precise) and gettting this error:

bunxh.inc(24,52) Fatal: Syntax error, ":" expected but "identifier NSET" found

the offending line in rtl/unix/bunxh.inc is:

    Function  FpSigProcMask  (how : cInt; constref nset : TSigSet; var
oset : TSigSet): cInt; external name 'FPC_SYSC_SIGPROCMASK';

Does this mean I cannot bootstrap 2.6.1 with 2.4.4? Unfortunately I
cannot make the build process depend on anything other than what
exists already in this series of Ubuntu and I also cannot just
download another bootstrap compiler on the fly because on the build
servers there is no access to the internet, only official ubuntu
repositories and PPA. Does anybody know of a Launchpad PPA that
contains 2.6.0 for Ubuntu 12.04 already? I was hoping I would not have
to make a 2.6.0 package first myself only to be able to build 2.6.1

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