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On 1 okt '12, Reinier Olislagers wrote: 

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Hi Tomas, Thanks for clarifying. I will use PtrUInt to store the pointer
address in. BTW: the documentation it says not to use PtrInt because
it's signed and therefore smaller than a pointer (as in max value). Also
there seems to be an error in the documentation. On
http://www.freepascal.org/docs-html/rtl/system/ptruint.html [1] [4] it
is described that PtrUInt is an alias to DWord. However, it depends on
the architecture which type it actually is. Could someone please correct
the docs?
>>> What do you want to see corrected ? On 32-bit systems, it
is a DWord. The docs were generated on such a system, so you get this
>> If possible I would like to see a remark mentioning that
it's a QWord on 64bit and Word on 16bit. That by itself would make thing
clearer already.
> That sounds good (vaguely remember that PtrUint
also depends on OS, but
> leaving it to more knowledgeable people to
updat the docs anyway)
>> In the ideal case fpdoc should be adjusted
so it can handle these defines. However this will be very complex I
> IIUC, size PtrUint varies by architecture, which is more or
less the
> point of PtrUint.
> Having this variation documented as
Darius suggested above makes things
> much clearer, because the
programmer may be working on one platform and
> programming for another
(with {$IFDEFS}...).
> Letting fpdoc predict this seems like a way to
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Nah, I
wasn't thinking about letting fpdoc predict anything. Instead though it
would be nice to introduce something that helps the documenter flag a
certain piece of code and let fpdoc know that it should show
alternatives or instead a separate piece of code (similar as examples



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