[fpc-pascal] A simple HTTP request with FPC standard units

silvioprog silvioprog at gmail.com
Sat Nov 24 17:30:55 CET 2012

2012/11/24 Luciano de Souza <luchyanus at gmail.com>

> **
> Unfortunately, I don't have enough knowledlge even to start a task like
> that. But observing the firm journey of Freepascal, I am sure we will have
> it soon.
> Em 24-11-2012 06:52, Michael Van Canneyt escreveu:
> On Fri, 23 Nov 2012, luciano de souza wrote:
> Among its hundreds of units, the Freepascal always keeps surprises for
> us. FPHTTPClient was a pleasant surprise.
> The talk has followed freely and perhaps my question has been skipped:
> is there Freepascal native routines to deal with SMTP protocol? In
> other words, is there a native way to send an e-mail with Freepascal?
> There are no FPC-provided native freepascal routines for this, but I see
> Paul Breneman has provided an alternative.
> Contributions are welcome. It is mostly lack of time that keeps us from
> implementing these things.
> As far as I know, SMTP is a fairly simple protocol, probably it is not too
> hard to implement.
> Michael.
> Good afternoon guys.

I have some experience with the SMTP protocol. Reading the RFC, I can
understand better its requirements and I will able to implement a
TFPSMTPClient. What do you think about?

Silvio Cl├ęcio
My public projects - github.com/silvioprog
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