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duilio foschi duiliofoschi at euplan.com
Mon Nov 19 21:52:32 CET 2012

Hi All,

I need to identify a reliable portable device that I can program in

This device could be a smartphone or whatever you suggest.

Cost is one element to keep in mind.

After the test period, we plan to buy about 50 devices.

I am an old Delphi programmer and mobile is new stuff for me.

To give you an idea, my cell phone is a $30 Nokia... :)

The idea is to write a simple application to be used by foremen in the
local harbour.

At the end of every shift, foremen will write down the yields of every
team, premium hours or extra hours, replacements of absent dock workers,

This data needs to be transmitted to the main 500,000 lines application,
which is written in Delphi.

No long range transmission is needed.

Data could be exported by a USB cable into the office PC at the end of the

If long range / real time transmission is possible, that would be an added

Any suggestion welcome.

Thank you

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