[fpc-pascal] Pathscale: alternative debugger on Linux?

Reinier Olislagers reinierolislagers at gmail.com
Sun Nov 11 09:48:42 CET 2012

On 11-11-2012 6:55, microcode at zoho.com wrote:
> On Sat, Nov 10, 2012 at 07:57:09PM +0100, Jonas Maebe wrote: > > On 10
> Nov 2012, at 19:38, microcode at zoho.com wrote: > > > On Sat, Nov 10, 2012
> at 06:20:29PM +0100, Reinier Olislagers wrote: > >> Has anybody tried
> the Pathscale debugger on Linux x64/FreeBSD? > >> > >> I haven't myself,
> just heard that they open sourced their compiler suite. > >> > >> A
> download page seems to be here: > >>
> http://www.pathscale.com/ekopath-compiler-suite > > > > "Starting at
> $1795" > > That's if you want a supported official release. The page
> linked above > offers a free download of a nightly snapshot.
> I saw that, but I did not understand whether the license agreement
> linked off the main page (177K PDF) also applies to the nightly release.
> That license agreement seems to say you can only use it for 20 days.
> Until they come out and say it, I have to ASSume there isn't any version

"I saw that... do not understand license...looks like sales trial...assume"

Well, actually you will get a clear license text when running the
installer. It seems you get a license[1] valid until termination by either
- you with a 20 day notice period
- by Pathscale if you're in breach of contract.
No trial.

For fun(!?) I also skimmed the PDF license agreeement on their site [2]
which seemed very similar (may be the same) to the license given by the

So I'm glad they generously offer this.

5.1.Term.  This License will take effect as of the Effective date, and
will remain in effect until terminated (i) by Customer with or without
cause, upon twenty (20) days written notice to Pathscale, or (ii) by
Pathscale upon written notice to Customer in the event Customer is in
material breach of this License and will have failed to cure such breach
within thirty (30) days of receipt of written notice thereof from Pathscale.


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