[fpc-pascal] B-tree Filer

Allen Harrington bluehare at att.net
Thu Nov 8 20:04:14 CET 2012

I have converted b-tree filer to work on Free Pascal on Windows Xp 
and Windows 7. Two of the function do not work, (reorg rekey). I 
wrote three function that do the same thing, only two are needed I 
have a demo (part of my program)

the editor and map driver and one text editor for the maps.

If I need just the map it will work for 68,719,476,735 keys the demo 
only has 3,700 records at the moment.

If you want a copy (ready in one or two weeks making comments and 
removing unneeded code)

you may contact me( Allen Harrington at 
<mailto:bluehare at att.net>bluehare at att.net ) my website is http://blue-hare.com

Allen Harrington, Owner
<http://blue-hare.com/>Blue Hare Software
Store, Mall and Building Directories
1550 Idlewild Drive
Columbus, Ohio 43232
614-861-3219 Fax 614-372-8785  
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