[fpc-pascal] Questions About Porting Java and Extended Class Syntax Features

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If you need to initialize a [STRICT] PRIVATE CLASS VAR you need to do this
in a CLASS CONSTRUCTOR (similarly finalizations will need a CLASS
DESTRUCTOR).  You can expose it thru a read-only CLASS PROPERTY, but there
is no way to make it a real constant (as long as you can access the
variable itself, you can modify it).

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JC Chu

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I am looking into porting Java to Free Pascal.  I have some confusion about
how to port certain types of Java Lang Features.

What is the best way to port 'private static final' member?
I was thinking the extended class syntax would cover this, but I dont it
will work for a scenario like this:

 private static final ObjectMapper mapper = new ObjectMapper();


 private static final  Set<String> = STATIC_SET;
 static {
 STATIC_SET = new HashSet<String>;
 STATIC_SET.Add("A Value");

Any insight you may have is appreciated.

Thank you.


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