[fpc-pascal] Why opening a file for write fails in fpc 2.6?

Giuliano Colla giuliano.colla at fastwebnet.it
Thu Nov 1 12:49:04 CET 2012

Il 01/11/2012 11:56, Jonas Maebe ha scritto:
> On 01 Nov 2012, at 11:50, Giuliano Colla wrote:
>> In general I agree with you. I often debate with Lazarus team because, in order to provide "native behavior" they make it difficult to achieve consistent look and behavior on different platforms (which is just what I'm usually required from my customers).
> In that case, using a framework that relies on a native widgetset is the wrong the approach. You would probably be happier with something like MSEGUI or fpGUI (well, apart from the fact that neither is VCL-compatible in any way).
Being stuck with a lot of Kylix code, I found it quite heavy a migration 
toward fpGUI (or MSEGUI). VCL and CLX are contiguous enough to allow a 
migration without too much hassle.
Luckily even if the Kylix development is not possible on modern 
platform, it's still possible with a few kludges to run Kylix 
applications. One only needs to keep alive legacy platforms for development.

Now I'm looking forward with interest to CustomDrawn, which should fit 
much better my needs, and I'm also trying to contribute, bounded by the 
limits of my available time (and capabilities).


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