[fpc-pascal] Re: 2.6.0 for Solaris?

microcode at zoho.com microcode at zoho.com
Thu May 10 08:07:35 CEST 2012

On Wed, 09 May 2012 18:37:12 +0000 Mark Morgan Lloyd wrote:

> microcode wrote:

> > I am not sure I understood your message. 2.6.0 SPARC isn't available
> > for download, but you suggest it as an interim release because of fixes
> > in an upcoming release that probably won't be backported. So I guess
> > you mean even if I could get 2.6.0 built I should realize when
> > 2.7.something comes out that's the version I should use? If so, no
> > problem. I will go over the buildfaq suggested earlier and see what I
> > can do, possibly with the 2.7.1 you mentioned.

> Your question, as given unambiguously in the subject line, relates to
> 2.6.0. I'm telling you, equally unambiguously, that you don't want to do
> that. You might need to start off with an older binary to get yourself
> going, or you might be able to get hold of a binary for 2.6.0, but having
> done that, in the case of SPARC, you want to get onto 2.7.1 rather than
> relying on 2.6.0's correctness.

Thanks, that's what I understood. As I said, I simply intend to get the
current stable release rather than a development version. If 2.7.1 is more
"stable" than 2.6.0 I will attempt to build it. I thought I explained that
in the first paragraph you quoted above. And as I said in the next
paragraph you quoted:

> > I have no particular need for 2.6.0, I just normally try to get the
> > stable release of whatever new thing I decide to try out and I
> > understood from the website 2.6.0 is the one I should use.

> You are, of course, free to ignore my advice.

Whoa where is this coming from? I said thanks several times in my posts. I
haven't ignored anything, I simply didn't understand things. The website
has a note that says:

"FPC 2.6.0 has been released! 2.6.0 is a major new version, which adds many
post-Delphi 7 language features and adds or improves the support for
various platforms."

So naturally it sounded like that's what I should get. You have explained
that is not necessarily so for SPARC, so I plan to follow your suggestions.

Thanks again.

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