[fpc-pascal] Subject: Re: 2.6.0 for Solaris? And other questions

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Wed May 9 18:26:04 CEST 2012

From: "Tomas Hajny" 

>> Do you guys plan on releasing the 2.6.0 version on Solaris and is there
>> a timeframe? Do you plan on continuing to support Solaris? I would be
>> interested in running both the Intel and SPARC versions if they come
>> available.

> I'm not the right one to answer this question but I believe that this
> depends mainly on availability of a maintainer for this operating system.
> You may try building the compiler (and RTL) for that platform and it may
> work well for you, but you may encounter some issues.

I didn't find a list of maintainers on the home page and I don't know how
Free Pascal development is organized. Hopefully the maintainer will speak up
and in the meantime I will look at the build guide you mentioned further

>> Another question is on 2.6.0 on Linux. I cannot run the fp ide because I
>> have glibc 2.9. The error message I get says 
>> fp: /lib64/libc.so.6: version `GLIBC_2.14' not found (required by fp)
>> That is really a recent version! Even the latest Slackware from 1 year
>> ago only has glibc 2.13. Is this really needed or can it be built against
>> my version of glibc?

> It should be possible to build against your version of glibc, but you'll
> probably have to do it yourself (or use FPC binaries provided by your
> distribution).

There are no binaries provided by my distribution. It's Slackware! But the
question was, was it really necessary to use such a recent glibc?

> Search for 'buildfaq.pdf' in order to learn more on how to build FPC
> yourself. Make sure to also have libgdb available in the right place in
> order to have debugging support available in the fp ide (e.g. by using
> one of precompiled versions available in the "contrib" section of our FTP
> server).


>> I have various other stuff going wrong when trying to build some of the
>> samples like the fpc compiler not being able to find certain libraries.
>> Should I post the error messages here or should I look for a bug tracker?

> This depends on what the 'certain libraries' are. If you try to compile
> samples linking to external (3rd party) libraries, this is no fpc bug -
> you need to make sure to have development packages of the respective 3rd
> party libraries installed using tools appropriate for your distribution
> first. 

I believe they are fpc libraries but I will have to check again. Do you
expect that all of the examples will normally build on Linux without errors
or is it normal to have some problems?

Thank you.

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