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>>  If you think in the future your app must work in another OSes, maybe a
>>  better solution is to use cdrecord, it has everything you need (CD, DVD,
>>  BluRay) . Here's the Win32
>>  version http://www.student.tugraz.at/thomas.plank/
>>  We run it using TProcess, then parse the results and show them on screen.
> Interesting. Could you give an example how do you use it, please?
> You do not translated the headers, just use the binaries, rigth?

I don't have a small example, but basically the process is very simple.

First, you need to create an ISO image with mkisofs, part of the CDRtools bundle, then use "cdrecord -scanbus" to get a list of drives, and the last step is to use cdrecord to burn the ISO image into the drive.

Regarding the 2nd question, I just use the binaries.
Leonardo M. Ramé

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