[fpc-pascal] Spam

J├╝rgen Hestermann juergen.hestermann at gmx.de
Mon Mar 12 17:41:35 CET 2012

waldo kitty schrieb:
 > ummm... speaking as one who has fought the spammers and won their 
mailbox back from them, this is much bovine fecal material... i have 
fought "them" from +1000/day spams back to less than ~5/day... it is 
very possible but one nes to stay vigilant and report the spams to those 
who can actually do something about it...

Well, with +1000/day I would have closed down the mail address and used 
a different one.
And as I said: You still have "some" spam mails (as I also have, but 
without any antispam action)
so you did not get them all. ;-)

 > this is the main reason why one /must/ visit their spambox and unspam 
those legitimate messages that may be in there... this is not something 
to be taken lightly... sadly, until the spammers and advertisers are 
eliminated from the 'net (which will never happen :(, one must 
understand and verify much of that which they "see" coming in from the 
 > speaking as a security researcher, this is also an ongoing job that 
everyone really should also learn, understand and deal with properly ;)

But of what use is it to split appart some mails from the stream only to 
inspect them all anyway (even in different folders now)? I would not 
want to do this.

Anyway. The only reason I wrote an answer to this spam topic was that I 
wanted to suggest not to invest too much work in fighting against spam. 
Only if the number of spam becomes *realy* hard to delete further action 
is required IMO. And because of the very low numbers of spam I currently 
get from the free pascal mailing list I don't think that an 
intensification of antispam is necessary yet.

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