[fpc-pascal] Re: compiling 2.6.1 from 2.4.5

Thierry B. thierrybothorel at yahoo.fr
Sun Mar 11 22:07:28 CET 2012

Le 11/03/2012 21:35, Sven Barth a écrit :

> The only guaranteed and supported way of compiling Free Pascal is to use
> the latest release. Thus you should build 2.6.0 with your 2.4.4 (not
> 2.4.5) and then build 2.6.1 using that 2.6.0.
> Regards,
> Sven


I believed that for this purpose the "fixes" branch was equivalent to 
the "release branch.
I always had troubles to /translate/understand this sentence from the 
freepascal "buildfaq" :

 > The only starting compiler that is guaranteed to work is the most 
recent release compiler for that series [N→] [→N] E.g. For the 1.9.x 
series, even though 1.9.6 and 1.9.8 will probably work, the only 
guaranteed starting compiler is 1.0.10

Is this the same as you advice?

So I just try your advice. Builds :
- 2.6.0 from 2.4.5 : oops, not 2.4.4 but it is : OK
- 2.6.1 from 2.6.0 : NOK : __missing_command_DATA2INC -b -s fppkg.cfg 
fppkg.inc fppkg

same error, so there is something wrong with 2.6.1

Thierry B

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