[fpc-pascal] [ot] Some(paid) work to do in FreePascal

John Sewell johnhsewell at gmail.com
Sat Mar 3 21:46:38 CET 2012

(Sorry if it's the wrong place to post that, please point my to any
list best suited for that)
I would like the following tool, coded in FPC for Linux 64, in command line.
The usage is a proxy log scanner to automatically block "bad websites"
from our proxy. I know there is ton os list, tools, etc for that but
we want to block as little website as possible
The binary is launched with a file as parameter 1, containing a list
of URL to check (loadable by TStringList) and then will perform the
following checks for each website of the list (eah check will return a
score) :
-whois search (There is a whois component with Indy, or you can parse
the result of the whois command line) that returns domain creation,
modification and expiration date, the owner and the registry (such as
1&1, godaddy, etc)
-Check if the domains is listed on Google's SafeBrowse API. The check
must be local, redownloading the source file if they are older than
30mn ( http://code.google.com/intl/fr/apis/safebrowsing/developers_guide_v2.html
-Count the number of links on the webpage, then use Adblock's list to
count the hits (the idea is to get the % of ads in the webpage), the
regexp tool of FPC should work
-Perform a check on a DNSBL ( http://www.spamhaus.org/dbl/ )
If you are interested please contact me with a price proposal

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