[fpc-pascal] Try to debug FastCGI or console app with DB connection in Lazarus

Alexis Halbot-Schoonaert a.halbotschoonaert at free.fr
Fri Jun 22 11:10:29 CEST 2012


I try to debug a FastCGI (with a TWebModule) wich connects itself to
FireBug in Lazarus and the debugger stops debugging when i do a
connection to FireBird.
Ubuntu 12.04, FPC 2.6.0 Lazarus

I can see my SQLQueryresult at design time in Lazarus. Ok.

I can execute my FastCGI (outside Lazarus, so not debugging).
The connection with Apache, the FastCGI execution with the FireBird
connection and the result returned to the browser... Everything is Ok.

If a remove the DB connection in my code, i can debug the FastCGI.
With the DB connection, the debugger goes away and apache goes to time

I encountered the same problem with a MySql connection several months
ago, and didn't try until now.

the same problem happens in a console programme, as if the lack of
graphical interface make the problem to happen.

If i write an lcl application with a dbgrid, and the same connection
configuration, everything is Ok, including debugging.

Please, i don't want to use PHP! ;p

Thank you for your help!

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