[fpc-pascal] Debug information again

Martin lazarus at mfriebe.de
Wed Jun 13 20:32:12 CEST 2012

On 13/06/2012 14:12, Jonas Maebe wrote:
> Antonio Fortuny wrote on Wed, 13 Jun 2012:
>> I can see the memory leak I have generated (read below) but no 
>> refecence to the line itself. Instead I receive the reference lines 
>> before and after the memory leak creation inside the rtl.
> The reason is that the RTL itself is compiled with optimisations. This 
> means that sometimes no stack frame is generated for such routines. As 
> a result, when crawling the stack, you will not see the *caller* of 
> such routines in the stack trace. The only way to work around this is 
> to recompile the RTL without optimisations.

Out of interest. I  reproduced this myself. And I found that while fpc 
is omitting some frames, if I run in gdb and step into reallocmem, then 
gdb is able to show the stack.

So it appears, that it is possible. Though I do not know if GDB does 
this by analysing the stack only, or gdb also uses knowledge from 
disassembling the function headers....

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