[fpc-pascal] buffered filestream

Alexander Shishkin alexvins at mail.ru
Sun Jun 10 18:51:12 CEST 2012

10.06.2012 20:20, Mattias Gaertner пишет:
> On Sun, 10 Jun 2012 19:08:40 +0400
> Alexander Shishkin <alexvins at mail.ru> wrote:
>> 10.06.2012 18:40, Mattias Gaertner пишет:
>>> I want to pass the stream to a binary reader, which skips big
>>> parts of the stream. It can seek backwards and the files can be several
>>> GB, so I need the int64 read/write/seek.
>> Do you mean buffered random access
> yes
>> (smth like disk access in DBMS)?
> Well, not as sophisticated as an DBMS. Just a cache, that accelerates
> small sequential reads.

Only because yours is readonly. I dont know your real task, but I`m 
afraid you will have to implement this cache from scratch.

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