[fpc-pascal] Variable alignment in arm-embedded

Jeppe Græsdal Johansen jjohan07 at student.aau.dk
Fri Jun 8 14:37:28 CEST 2012

Den 08-06-2012 14:28, Ludo Brands skrev:
>> Thanks Ludo,
>> I'll take that as a starting point. I hope I will not need the "lost"
>> 256 bytes in the future.
> I could be wrong but AFAIK if the compiler would do the alignment, the loss
> can also be up to 255 bytes. Here you lose 256 bytes in all cases.
Yes, but this would allow the linker to place other stuff there which 
fits in less than 255 bytes.

Wasting 255 bytes is a lot on systems that only has a few kilobytes of 
RAM. I wonder if the restriction of 32 bytes on the align directive 
could just be removed, or will we need some sort of linker script changes?

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