[fpc-pascal] Inter-process communication, a cautionary tale

Mark Morgan Lloyd markMLl.fpc-pascal at telemetry.co.uk
Sun Jul 22 12:07:13 CEST 2012

Michael Van Canneyt wrote:
> On Sun, 22 Jul 2012, Mattias Gaertner wrote:
>> On Wed, 18 Jul 2012 17:15:20 +0200 (CEST)
>> michael.vancanneyt at wisa.be wrote:
>>> [...]
>>> I meant the SimpleIPC unit from the FCL:
>>> http://lazarus-ccr.sourceforge.net/docs/fcl/simpleipc/index.html
>> Is there a simple two way IPC?
>> It seems the '/tmp' directory is always used by simpleipc under unix.
>> How can I change this directory?
> You can't, currently, but patches to customize this are definitely welcome.
> I had at least one extension in mind, where a user-specific directory 
> would be used.

If you'd like to pick through the stuff I wrote for myself you'd be 
welcome. There's quite a lot in there, in particular it uniquely-names 
and cleans up orphaned sockets... but I suspect that you'd throw your 
hands up in horror at my code since I'm sure that in a lot of places 
I've hardcoded stuff that by now exists in a standard library.

Mark Morgan Lloyd
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