[fpc-pascal] Re: fcl-passrc package question about source file and line number info

Michael Van Canneyt michael at freepascal.org
Wed Jul 18 00:04:40 CEST 2012

On Mon, 16 Jul 2012, Seth Grover wrote:

>> I should have fixed both problems you found. Please test, rev 21922.
>> Michael.
> It did fix those problems, but there's still a problem in the release
> given the following unit with a finalization section:
> ===========================================
> unit testlib;
> interface
> implementation
> finalization
>  if Assigned(hello) then begin
>  end;
> end.
> ===========================================

Fixed. Revision 21929.

The problems you're experiencing are because the parser didn't free 
huge amounts of objects, creating massive memory leaks. I already 
fixed several issues as I test the various parts. So now from 
time to time, a problem pops up when something is freed twice.


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