[fpc-pascal] ..installing XCode ...make sure not to deselect UNIX development support - TOO LATE

Paul McCombie Paul at mccombies.co.uk
Sun Jul 8 21:04:14 CEST 2012

  - I had already installed XCode 4.3 on my Mac before attempting to 
install fpc, and had deselected UNIX development support.

I have attempted to completely remove 4.3 and installed 4.2.  fpc 
appeared to install OK, and the firemonkey installation which I wanted 
it for.  I have transferred a firemonkey project to my mac, but when I 
open it the pas files are not recognised, and selecting one results in a 
'no editor' message.  So I presume that fpc has not installed 
correectly, despite the 'installation successful' message.

I have installed 4.3, and the command line tools, but that leaves me in 
the same situation.  I have never seen the 'deselect UNIX' option again, 
despite removing bot 4.3 and 4.2.

Can anyone advise me of a way to recover this situation so that I can 
use fpc with xcode and firemonkey please?

Thank you!


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