[fpc-pascal] Errors compiling fixes_2.6 on win64: forgot to include dblib for mssqlconn?

LacaK lacak at zoznam.sk
Mon Apr 23 12:02:03 CEST 2012

>> I added dblib only to the first group.
>> possible solutions:
>> 1. add dblib also to second group
>>    con: also enabled it for the others in that group.
> dblib uses FreeTDS which should be available/compile for at least OSX
> and Solaris.
> Win CE, iphonesim: never heard of it working there, but I'm not a
> FreeTDS guru.
> Worst case would be that that dblib fails to compile,
Why it should?
dblib.pp will compile on any platform on which FPC will .
Another question if there is available port of FreeTDS db-library.
If not, then of course user cann't use dblib (in his application) but it 
does not break building of FPC.
Or I miss something?

>  blowing up the
> build again; another risk may be that there actually isn't a FreeTDS
> library port for that platform.
Yes it may happen, but I do not see this as a real problem.

So simplest way is IMO: 1. add dblib also to second group ;-)

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