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LacaK lacak at zoznam.sk
Fri Apr 20 07:41:56 CEST 2012

Reinier Olislagers  wrote / napĂ­sal(a):
> On 19-4-2012 15:02, Ludo Brands wrote:
>>> Ludo here I do not understand what do you want to say. may be, that my
>> english is not so good ;-)
>>> Can you explain please what is your proposal regarding to stIndexes ?
>> stIndexes is currently not implemented: keep it that way (or drop it) but
>> add and implement stTableConstraints, stReferentialConstraints,
>> stKeyColumnUsage,
>> stConstraintColumnUsage and stConstraintTableUsage. And why not some other
>> missing information_schema views like 'views' or 'schemata'.
>> Delphi compatibility? Delphi adodb defines and implements the following:
>> type TSchemaInfo = (siAsserts, siCatalogs, siCharacterSets, siCollations,
>> siColumns, siCheckConstraints, siConstraintColumnUsage,
>> siConstraintTableUsage, siKeyColumnUsage, siReferentialConstraints,
>> siTableConstraints, siColumnsDomainUsage, siIndexes, siColumnPrivileges,
>> siTablePrivileges, siUsagePrivileges, siProcedures, siSchemata,
>> siSQLLanguages, siStatistics, siTables, siTranslations, siProviderTypes,
>> siViews, siViewColumnUsage, siViewTableUsage, siProcedureParameters,
>> siForeignKeys, siPrimaryKeys, siProcedureColumns);  
> Fine with Ludo's proposal; dropping stIndexes... and adding new ISO
> compliant stuff if needed.
> Delphi has at least adodb and dbexpress with various implementations....
> so not much of a standard.
> Keeping to the information_schema standard seems like a good idea -
> especially because it will make it easier to easily get useful info from
> an ISO SQL 92+ compliant database..
> Anybody against this? Michael? Joost?
Not against ;-)
Small drawback will be, that for those DB that do not have 
INFORMATION_SCHEMA there will be need for adding many selects against 
system tables (or do not implement them at all ;-))

> Has anybody used this functionality in sqldb at all?
No. And I do not expect that I will use it in future.


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