[fpc-pascal] Re: SQLDB GetSchemaInfoSQL for indexes etc?

LacaK lacak at zoznam.sk
Thu Apr 19 14:22:07 CEST 2012

Reinier Olislagers  wrote / napĂ­sal(a):
>> Thinking about column names I would suggest, change it according to
>> SQL-Standard (information_schema views). To be fully compatible.
>> (because ATM we are not compatible with SQL-Standard NOR Delphi)
>> Advantage will be, that we will be able do for example 'select * from
>> so if some DB provides also other columns (additional information on
>> tables, procedures, indexes, columns etc.) we will get it.
>> It will of course lead to breaking backward compatibility, but I think,
>> that there is very, very (if any) small amount of users, which use
>> setschemainfo+open to get metadata information.
>> L.
> Agreed that renaming the stuff to ISO makes sense.... will however be a
> bit more problematic with indexes, after my brief glance at the specs.
Yes, I would suggest for stIndexes:

 + optionaly: constraint_primary (boolean), constraint_unique (boolean), 
index_ascending (boolean), ...

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