[fpc-pascal] Re: CGI under Linux using FCL-Web

Christian Kranich office at kranich.com
Wed Apr 4 16:32:41 CEST 2012

> You need to fill DataModuleRequest with code; It should put something in
> response, and then call Response.SendResponse. If you don't, nothing will
> happen.

The source of the problem might be located in the unit
between my ears ;-O

Looks as if I misunderstood something.
- FCL-Web is a Lazarus based unit. So Lazarus takes care of 
  creating and initializing the objects (So the DataModule)
  Just wondering why I still got some Lazarus functionality in when
  saving the data module unit code as a pas file and compiling under fpc.
- So my working enviroment was Lazarus specific (and not Win32)
  and my not working version was FPC (and not caused by Linux)
- Will boot up the windows again and verify 


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