[fpc-pascal] [Patch] New tests for fcl-db export

Reinier Olislagers reinierolislagers at gmail.com
Fri Sep 16 09:31:07 CEST 2011

Hi list,

FYI & hopefully implementation:

I've been writing some tests for fcl-db export, that test basic
functionality for:
- CSV export
- DBF export
- SimpleXML export

Please find them in Mantis:
20271	[Patch] SimpleXML export: new test for fcl-db

20268   [Patch] CSV export: new test for fcl-db

20163   [Patch] Dbase export: new test for fcl-db
(reopened, contains fixes suggested by Michael Van Canneyt)

They're all set up in a similar way: create a bufdataset with all the
field types I can cram in, fill them with some rows of extreme and
middle-of-the-road data and try an export.
For e.g. simple xml and csv export, default export formatting settings
as well as custom format settings are tested.

In future, they could be extended a bit (e.g. test reading generated csv
into a stringlist, reading dbf etc).

I do realise these tests could be combined in a big export test, but it
might be an even better idea to incorporate it in the existing

However, understanding how to work the db testframework to do the export
tests for a large amount of different data in the datasets is a bit
above the combination of (my skills+my interest in figuring it out), so
in the meanwhile my motto is: a test (or 2) is better than no test.

Also, if somebody would be willing to look at my pet patches:
19759 CSV export doesn't quote memo fields
19937 TSQLExporter does not quote memo fields (or blobs)


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