[fpc-pascal] Re: How to insert a record and get the primarykeywith sqldb?

Graeme Geldenhuys graemeg.lists at gmail.com
Sun Oct 23 20:13:59 CEST 2011

On 23/10/2011, Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho wrote:
> I am writing a CGI WebServer, so I haven't yet managed to get Lazarus
> step-by-step debugging to work (not sure if it is possible with CGI),
> so that's what caused so much confusion for me ....

You can't do that. You have to use an embedded web server (good luck
with that too - I'm trying to do something similar now).
Alternatively, use the dbugintf.pp unit and send messages to the debug
server, or use tiOPF2's tiLog unit and send debug data to File, Debug
Server, Event Handler etc.

  - Graeme -

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