[fpc-pascal] Reopen issue 20500: TSQLParser cant Parse Statements containing "as"

Reinier Olislagers reinierolislagers at gmail.com
Wed Oct 19 12:42:37 CEST 2011

On 18-10-2011 7:13, Reinier Olislagers wrote:
> On 17-10-2011 20:57, Michael Van Canneyt wrote:
>>> Would it make sense to reopen this bug?
>> ? Eh ? If indeed it is accepted, then yes please.
>> Quite strange, because I implemented the SQL parser based on the
>> official Firebird server docs. And it definitely was not allowed.
>> But I'll test on 2.5, and if it indeed works, I'll of course implement it.
>> Michael.
> Had a look through the Interbase 6 docs. The description on SELECT
> indeed mentions column aliases with AS but table aliases without them.
> Then the Firebird 2.5 Language Reference Update (8 October 2011, version
> 1.1, covers Firebird 2.5 and 2.5.1)
> http://www.firebirdsql.org/en/news/firebird-2-5-language-reference-update-12296/
> doesn't explicitly say anything about table aliases with AS...
> I'll ask in the Firebird list, maybe the docs need updating.

Confirmed: the IB 6 Langref needs updating ;) but that probably isn't
going to happen.
Firebird docs will be updated though.


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