[fpc-pascal] Making a cross-compiler for STM32

Koenraad Lelong fpascal at brouwerij.homelinux.net
Wed Oct 12 12:24:26 CEST 2011

On 12-10-11 09:07, Jeppe Græsdal Johansen wrote:
> Den 12-10-2011 08:25, Koenraad Lelong skrev:
> Neither will do, and that explains the problem. To build the svn trunk
> version you need the latest stable release(or latest svn trunk version),
> which is version 2.4.4


I installed the binary version of 2.4.4 from the website, altough I 
prefer the package.
Compiling the snapshot of a few days ago went OK, but how do I install 
this ?
I did a
make all PREFIX=/usr
make singlezipinstall
and unpacked this to /usr. Unfortunatly, in /usr/bin I get fpc 2.4.4.
I checked the archive and /bin/fpc is 2.4.4. /lib/fpc/2.7.1/ppcx64 is 
indeed 2.7.1.
To make my crosscompiler, I'll try
make clean buildbase installbase CROSSINSTALL=1 CROSSOPT="-CfSoft 
-XParm-elf-" OS_TARGET=embedded CPU_TARGET=arm 
PREFIX=/home/koenraad/Documents/devel SUBARCH=armv7m 

I'll report back.


Koenraad Lelong.

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