[fpc-pascal] freetype unit + unicode

David Emerson dle3ab at angelbase.com
Tue Oct 4 10:17:10 CEST 2011

> > What freetype API function are you calling? Not sure if it applies to
> > freetype, but with Xft (as implemented and used in fpGUI), there are
> > various versions of the same API. You need to call the correct one based
> > on the encoding type of you text.
> freetype.GetStringGray
> I've tried tweaking all kinds of things but the sad truth is that I am really 
> pathetic at figuring out libraries when no documentation is given, and I sure 
> can't find any documentation.
> I see that the fpgui helloworld program handles unicode nicely. I guess I'll
> try and imitate whatever's happening there.

Easier said than done... the reason I've been using freetype.GetStringGray 
(oops, excuse me -- freetype.TFontManager.GetStringGray) is that it returns 
TStringBitmaps, which I can use within my framework. It looks like the behavior 
of XftDrawStringUtf8 is to draw something on the screen, whereas I need to 
access the individual character glyphs and do the drawing later. hum.

Is there some secret, hidden documentation for fpc's freetype unit? (and so many 
other units?) :P


> > procedure XftDrawStringUtf8(...); cdecl; external libXft;
> > procedure XftDrawString8(...); cdecl; external libXft;
> > procedure XftDrawString16(...); cdecl; external libXft;
> > 
> > 
> > Regards,
> >   - Graeme -
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> > http://fpgui.sourceforge.net/
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