[fpc-pascal] Error when translating a C header

Luciano de Souza luchyanus at gmail.com
Tue Oct 4 03:11:40 CEST 2011

Hi listers,

I tried to translate a C header with:

h2pas -e -d -p iupkey.h

I got the following error:

at line 21 error : syntax error
at line 41 error : syntax error
Illegal character in line 45
"#define K_at          '@'   /* 64 */"
Illegal character in line 73
"#define K_backslash   '\\'  /* 92 */"
Illegal character in line 73
"#define K_backslash   '\\'  /* 92 */"
Illegal character in line 75
"#define K_circum      '^'   /* 94 */"
Illegal character in line 77
"#define K_grave       '`'   /* 96 */"
Illegal character in line 113
"#define K_BS     '\b'       /* 8 */"
Illegal character in line 114
"#define K_TAB    '\t'       /* 9 */"
Illegal character in line 115
"#define K_LF     '\n'       /* 10 (0x0A) not a real key, is a 
combination of CR with a modifier, just to document */"
Illegal character in line 116
"#define K_CR     '\r'       /* 13 (0x0D) */"
LexLib: yytext overflow

I could understand if the Pascal unit was generated, but not compiled. 
What I can't understand is that even the Pascal unit, h2pas was not able 
to produce.

I am trying to translate it becouse it is very important for me. 
Actually, I don't know C, but I hope I can complete the task.

I am blind and I am trying to create graphical interfaces. It seems to 
be so curious, but I can make sure the idea is reasonable and suitable. 
Of course, I cwon't conceive beautiful interfaces. But with the help of 
IUP, a graphical interface library which supports automatic layout, I 
will produce dialogs  interacting very good with screen readers.

As my objective is to program to blind people, beauty is not properly a 
requirement. Having used IUP with Lua, I know it works, but now, to use 
it with Pascal, I need to overcome this initial difficulties.

Does someone know how to convert it? Why the unit, even wrong, is not 

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