[fpc-pascal] FPC for Mac OS X, any updates?

Ralf A. Quint FreeDOS at gmx.net
Sat May 28 18:08:33 CEST 2011

At 03:25 AM 5/28/2011, Jonas Maebe wrote:

>On 28 May 2011, at 05:02, Ralf A. Quint wrote:
> > Are there any updates on how to use FPC with Mac OS X?
>The disk image containing the FPC installer for Mac OS X contains 
>both a "Getting Started.rtf" and a "FPC Xcode ReadMe.rtf" file, and 
>these files are also installed in "/Developer/Documentation/Free 
>Pascal Compiler". In general, you can use FPC for Mac OS X in 
>exactly the same way as on any other Unixy platform (Linux, FreeBSD, 
>...): via the command line, using Lazarus, using other third party 
>editors/IDEs (several are mentioned in the Getting Started 
>document). The Xcode document explains how you can use it with Xcode 
>(up to Xcode 3.2.x).
>What kind of usage instructions are you looking for exactly?

Well, I got it installed via Lazarus yesterday, but didn't see 
anything about it's use/capabilities until "after the fact" 
(downloading the disk image).
It's not very obvious for someone just looking for info about using 
FPC on Mac OS when all the info on the FPC web site is outdated by 
more than two years and the Lazarus site mentions it only fairly 
hidden. All the obvious places mention Windows ("Delphi") and Linux only...

Now I just have to find out how it is possible to update the compiler 
to the latest version (Lazarus is still on 2.4.2) and what packages 
are available to use with it.

Thanks, it is great to see how far FreePascal has come since the 
"FPK" days... ;-)


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