[fpc-pascal] support for using an activex

Henrik Genssen henrik.genssen at mediafactory.de
Mon May 23 13:21:03 CEST 2011

it depends.
Active-X / COM objects with no window can be created using:
CreateOleObject() function

Active-X / OLE objects do not work as far as I remember



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>subject: [fpc-pascal] support for using an activex
>Hi List!
>I looked around the archives and forum, but I didn't come up with a
>clear answer.
>Besides, I'm not expert of the win32 and COM world.
>If I am given an ActiveX, with source code included, is it possible to
>using from a freepascal / lazarus app like any other dll?
>I mean loading the dll, instantiating the object and calling some methods.
>If so, can anyone point me to some documentation or example?
>Thanks a lot,
>  Roberto
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