[fpc-pascal] Easy install of FPC and Lazarus

Rainer Stratmann RainerStratmann at t-online.de
Mon May 23 00:02:22 CEST 2011

Am Sunday 22 May 2011 23:47:38 schrieb Mattias Gaertner:
> I meant flavors like: Build for i386 or x86_64, for gtk2 or qt, for
> which Linux distros, for single or multi user, ...

Of course the best would be every possible flavor.
Also the best would be that it is compatible to all Linux distros.

I wrote a program which uses X-Window system and I didn't find a distro the 
software is not compatible with. The best is to minimize dependancies.

So I would prefer to not depend on qt or gtk whatever, but that is another 
story I think.

> > > How to update?
> >
> > To avoid problems make a new directory and then download the whole files
> > needed to write freepascal programs. So if something is not working then
> > still there is an older directory that is ok. In the future updates can
> > be done with a more sophisticated solution. But at the beginning there is
> > a functioning solution.
> >
> > > How to install the third party libraries (e.g. gtk2 or qt)?
> >
> > I am not familiar exactly with the libraries.
> > You mean the C Libraries?
> > Aren't they already there in the Linux distribution?
> No.
But the libraries for X-Window are included I found out.

> Mattias
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