[fpc-pascal] FPC 2.4.2 source

Bernd Kreuss prof7bit at googlemail.com
Sat May 21 13:44:10 CEST 2011

On 21.05.2011 12:59, Jonas Maebe wrote:

> They don't want to force everyone to install firebird, mysql, postgresql, ptcgraph, gtk, gtk2, qt and every other single thing for which FPC has bindings.

"force" is the keyword here. The entire following rant refers to only
this one word:

Its not their [Debian] business to find non-solutions for these
non-problems, I would just ignore this.

They are first making up a non-existing problem (people being "forced"
to do something they allegedly don't want, although we all know the
opposite is true and people *always* want a complete and painless
install to avoid all sorts of problems) and then they are presenting the
non-solution to this non-problem: Do a lot of work to split things that
always belonged together while creating a lot of new problems and
dependency hell nobody has asked for and nobody ever wanted.

Just ignore what they [Debian] want. It is not relevant what they
believe (or guess) what your users might want. Don't let them damage the
usability and the reputation by listening to them and wasting time
solving their fantasy problems while this is leading to the creation new
and very real problems. The sheer existence of this thread (and other
threads like this and many more) is testifying this.

The Debian maintainers have no expertise in judging what the users of a
given software really *want*, especially if they don't use it
themselves. Simply ignore them. Their opinion does not matter. They will
accept the big package. Don't bow to them, they want something from you,
not the other way around!

The windows installer of Lazarus clearly shows how usability looks like.
This is what users want! There is no reason why this should not be
possible on Debian also. If Debian policies (or like in this case not
even the written policies themselves but only the beliefs of some
overzealous Debian maintainers) are the only thing preventing usability
from coming true then to hell with them.


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