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Ludo Brands ludo.brands at free.fr
Wed May 18 16:32:42 CEST 2011

Problem is that the RFC definition for the URI doesn't specify the
individual protocol scheme. So every protocol can specify it's own stuff. 

Take the general sip URI:
sip:user:password at host:port;uri-parameters?headers. User can be a telephone
number with folowing definition: global-phone-number   = "+"
base-phone-number [isdn-subaddress]
                        [post-dial] *(area-specifier /
                        service-provider / future-extension)
local-phone-number    = 1*(phonedigit / dtmf-digit /
                        pause-character) [isdn-subaddress]
                        [post-dial] area-specifier
                        *(area-specifier / service-provider /
This definitely will require custom processing.
Also both uri-parameters and headers are name=value pairs. The first are
separated by ";" and the second by "&"...

I'm afraid a universal URI decoder isn't possible. 


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On Wed, 18 May 2011, ik wrote:

> On Wed, May 18, 2011 at 16:49, <michael.vancanneyt at wisa.be> wrote:

>> So, how to distinguish between the two ?
>> sip:mysecret at mydomain.com
>> Is "sip" the protocol or the user name for a HTTP address ?
> sip is the protocol, mysecrect is the user name
> sip::mysecrect at mydomain.com
> according to the RFC is the proper way to have
> 1. Protocol
> 2. Empty user name
> 3. Password
> 4. Domain

I will check the implementation.

As far as I know, it was never meant to be RFC compliant, but we can change
that of course.

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