[fpc-pascal] Fatal error "Executable image size is too big for wince target"

Björn Schreiber news.bs at drigus.de
Wed May 4 12:07:58 CEST 2011

Hi *.*.

    We use a recent Lazarus snapshot (Lazarus 0.9.31 r30406 FPC 2.4.3
i386-win32-win32/win64) for developing applications for a Windows
Embedded CE 6.0.

    After expanding one of the projects by adding another dialog, we got
the above mentioned error message while linking. Normally we use the
following settings:


    Even if we only added the new unit to the uses statement - Lazarus
gave us the hint "unit not used" - we got this error.
    Compiling the project without the additional dialog we reach the
following file sizes:

    *.dbg 29.732 k
    *.exe 4.870 k

    If we replace another dialog with the new one the project compiled
well, so the problem couldn't related to this specific dialog.

    In order to compile the project with the new dialog we removed -g and
-gl and got the following file sizes:

    *.dbg 12.670 k
    *.exe 4.864 k

    Of course we are not able to debug the project any more.

Björn Schreiber, DRIGUS GmbH
news.bs at drigus.de
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