[fpc-pascal] nested macros in C headers

Bernd prof7bit at googlemail.com
Tue May 3 10:01:45 CEST 2011

2011/4/24 Paulo Costa <paco at fe.up.pt>:
> Probably you are right. Let me know how does it works for you.

I have further studied the entire v4l thing and there is something
that could be improved in the SdpoVideo4L2 component: There exists a
library libv4l2 that is an official part of the Linux V4l2 project. It
implements the format conversions that were part of each individual
V4L1 driver but are not allowed to be done in kernel-space anymore
with V4L2 and have all been moved into one user space library and
should be used by all applications using the V4L API.

This library exports functions that wrap open/close/ioctl/mmap/munmap
and work like their native counterparts except that they intercept
certain ioctls and make the cameras all magically support not only
their native pixel formats but also at least BGR24 and YUV420p as a
common denominator. The decompression and/or format conversion will
happen transparently on the fly, it will be as if the driver itself
natively supports this format.

This means the only change that is needed to SdpoVideo4L2 would be to
replace all calls to FpOpen(), FpIoctl(), FpMmap() etc... with calls
to v4l2_open(), v4l2_ioctl(), v4l2_mmap() etc. and all existing
(known) V4L2 cameras could then be set to BGR24 and would deliver
uncompressed 24bit BGR video.

If I have some time next weekend I will make a patch against
SdpoVideo4L2 (with an ifdef) that allows enabling this functionality.


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