[fpc-pascal] How to detect serial/usb-serial ports.

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>> For which operating system?

I'd expect (recent versions of) those to only create devices that were 
known to exist. I detect what's available by looking for up to 12 
/dev/ttyS*, 8 /dev/ttyUSB* and 4 /dev/ttyI*, then later checking that 
they can actually be opened (bearing in mind that this might glitch a 
control line).

It's worth noting that a few weeks ago I was updating the standard 
serial.pp unit and noticed that Solaris designated serial ports as 
/dev/ttya and /dev/ttyb.

Windows of course is \COM1, or strictly \\.\COM1 etc.; I note Fabio's 
test but in the past have used the registry to find e.g. named ports 
simulated by an AVR box.

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