[fpc-pascal] how to test if a file is open to write?

Michael Müller mueller_michael at alice-dsl.net
Fri Jul 15 08:04:47 CEST 2011

Hi Bernd

Am 13.07.2011 um 21:06 schrieb Bernd:

> Because I have no idea how to do this properly (It has been a hundred
> years since I last used this form of file IO in Pascal) I have done
> the following hack, just to get it running somehow but now I wonder
> what would be the proper way to do this. How can I do something like a
> hypothetical IsOpen(StdOut) the proper way? This is what I have done
> but I don't like it:
> implementation
> var
>  HasOutput: Boolean = True;
> procedure log(const s: String);
> begin
>  if HasOutput then
>    writeln(s);
> end;
> initialization
>  try
>    writeln();
>  except
>    HasOutput := False;
>  end;
> end.

The subject indicates that you look for a solution for normal files but your example indicates that you what to detect the console. So I add my solutions for both.

function HasConsole: Boolean;
// This function tests if there is a console. If GetStdHandle() reports that there is a console when in fact there
// isn't (as in Matlab R2008a), we still need to check if writing to the output handle works to get the right answer.
 // In Free Pascal V2.4.0 STD_*_HANDLE seem to be defined in a way that it is not directly usable for WIN64 target. In
 // the source rtl\win\syswin.inc, procedure SysInitStdIO() there is Cardinal() (which is the type of STD_*_HANDLE in
 // Delphi) around the handles.
 Result := ((GetStdHandle({$IFDEF WIN64}Cardinal{$ENDIF}(STD_INPUT_HANDLE))  <> 0) and
            (GetStdHandle({$IFDEF WIN64}Cardinal{$ENDIF}(STD_OUTPUT_HANDLE)) <> 0));
 if (Result) then
     on EInOutError do begin
       Result := False;

For normal files I have:

function FileIOMode(var F: Text): Word;
 case TTextRec(F).Mode of
   fmInOut : Result := TTextRec(F).Mode;
   // There is no 'fmUnknown' to indicate this ;-) I assume this mean 'handle never used before'.
   else      Result := fmClosed;

(Same function for untyped files: replace 'Text' by 'file' and ' TTextRec' by 'TFileRec')

And in the code you can write

If (FileIOMode(Foo) <> fmClosed) then



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