[fpc-pascal] nested macros in C headers

Bernd prof7bit at googlemail.com
Sun Apr 24 18:50:38 CEST 2011

2011/4/24 Paulo Costa <paco at fe.up.pt>:

> the TSdpoVideo4L2 component has the V4L2 translated...

Thanks. This is interesting. I saw this before but didn't look deeper
into it after I read "UVC compliant USB cameras" in the wiki, this
seemed to imply for me that it would only work with the subset of
cameras that are supported by the uvcvideo driver.

If this is really a full featured v4l2 implementation which speaks the
v4l2 protocol (and not the UVC protocol(?) or some proprietary
communication with the uvc driver) then maybe the wiki page should
explicitly mention this or at least clarify what "UVC compliant
camera" means and how this differs from v4l2.

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