[fpc-pascal] Re: stripping HTML

Roland Schäfer roland.schaefer at fu-berlin.de
Mon Apr 18 15:14:17 CEST 2011

On 4/17/2011 5:13 PM, Ralf Junker wrote:
> I am the author of DIHtmlParser.
> I do not know if DIHtmlParser compiles and works in FPC linux-x86-64
> because I do not have that environment available for testing.
> Unfortunately, low demand for that platform does not justify setting it
> up and supporting it on a regular basis.
> I can say, however, that the latest version source code is Pascal only
> and compiles on FPC Win32 without platform warnings. But I do suspect
> that it will need a few IFDEFs to make it Linux compatible. If so, I
> would of course be glad to add any to the code so they will be available
> in future versions.

I would volunteer to try and compile it under GNU/Linux 32 and 64 if
there is some interest in such work. I could not guarantee success nor
continued support, though. I'm not sure whether that's acceptable for a
commercial product. Feel free to contact me off-list, though.

> However, having read Stefan's more detailed, off-topic requirements
> description, I'd rather suggest that they come up with their own HTML
> parser and text filter. It sounds too specific to me to be handled by
> any standard component already available.

I was hoping to same time on the simple stripping, but I guess I will
continue my work on a custom parser.

Thanks for the input.


P.S. How do you know my boss' name is Stefan?

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