[fpc-pascal] New to freepascal and how to translate my delphi program.

Jeppe Johansen jepjoh2 at es.aau.dk
Mon Apr 18 10:34:43 CEST 2011

I think the synaser unit(from Synapse) is a very solid unit for 
crossplatform serial port access

Den 18-04-2011 10:21, P. vanderWal skrev:
> I am new to free pascal, but have some experience with delphi. I wrote 
> a program to control a milling machine (Elektor Profiler, see 
> elektor.nl/ forum  program Doit).
> The program is written in delphi-7 ( about 25.000 lines in 20 modules) 
> and runs on MS-Xp. But as MS changes to much in its os's I want to 
> change to linux as os.
> The program uses 2 I/O-ports (serial or usb-serial) and here I have a 
> problem in translating my program into free-pascal.
> I think the forms and screen layouts present no problem, it will take 
> a lot of re-typing but oke.
> The serial-port problem is my main worry as the programflow depends 
> heavely on the communication with the milling machine.
> My question is: where do I find lib's with serial-port or usb-port 
> routines which I may use to control the communication-lines (bits) to 
> the milling machine.
> Thanks in advance,
> Piet van der Wal (PE0PWA).
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