[fpc-pascal] Font reading library

Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho felipemonteiro.carvalho at gmail.com
Tue Apr 12 11:03:37 CEST 2011


I fixed the compilation of the old freetype and put it in the
Lazarus-ccr for now. Maybe it can be added to FPC later on if it
proves a good substitute:

> http://www.koders.com/delphi/fidEAE4D251909342259720229735A9CBF6C74B15AB.aspx?s=delphi+freetype#L40

I prefered to take the sources from here:

> It's not maintained anymore - but imho has nothing todo with fornix ?

>From what I saw fornix has nothing to do with it. Probably they just
used this library in one of their projects, like X11 uses.

> (Have a look at : http://www.freetype.org/freetype1/index.html,
> and the name of the authors ...)

What's special with the name of the authors?

Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho

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